Penny Lane Clothing Exchange


Second hand never looked so good
Penny Lane Clothing Exchange is retail revolutionised. We buy directly from and sell directly to the public. We stock designer, contemporary, vintage and retro clothes. We also have shoes, scarves, jewellery, sunglasses, handbags and other accessories in all colours, prints, fabrics, shapes and sizes. Every piece has been handpicked and a number of the items still have the tags on them.

Clean Out & Cash In
Penny Lane Clothing Exchange is different from a consignment store because you get a cash return straight away. You’re not going to get what you paid for the garment in the first place, but it’s better than nothing – which is what it’s currently earning you hanging unloved at the back of your wardrobe.

There’s no telling what a trip to Penny Lane might bring. Offload your pre-loved chattel and walk away with some coin in your pocket and a spring in your step. Or find a new (for you) gem and add another chapter to a garment’s sartorial story.

Sydney Road Brunswick has long been the go-to destination for second hand fashion. Penny Lane Clothing Exchange injects a bit of glamour into the local scene. It helps you reduce your fashion footprint, earn some coin and pick up great pieces at a fraction of the price. It’s a win win for you, your wallet and the environment.


Peta Stephenson

Owner Peta Stephenson lives in Brunswick and loves being part of both the local creative and artistic neighbourhood, as well as the broader community of pre-loved clothes enthusiasts. She grew up op-shopping and refashioning her finds thanks to the sewing skills she learned from her Mum.

She is also a qualified style and image consultant, who pledges not to let Penny Lane shoppers leave in anything unflattering. Peta takes a very hands-on approach to helping her customers choose garments that are right for their body shape and proportions and their natural colourings.

To arrange a one-on-one style or colour consultation with Peta, email her at

Peta is passionate about clothes, but is mindful of the high cost of cheap fashion. To help fashionistas become eco-fabulous, she has written an e-book called Reducing Your Fashion Footprint in Four Easy Steps. The book is available for purchase below for only $14.95.


For the modern woman who cares about global warming and the next season’s looks, Reducing Your Fashion Footprint in Four Easy Steps is a must-have accessory.

From the principles of ‘slow fashion’ and how to ‘shop your wardrobe’, to the joys of clothes-swaps and op-shopping, Reducing Your Fashion Footprint in Four Easy Steps encourages you to buy quality over quantity and to sew or refashion your own clothes. It’s smart, inspirational and will show even the most diehard shopaholic how she can satisfy her desire and salve her conscience. Who said high principles were incompatible with high fashion – or high heels, for that matter? Becoming eco-fabulous is easy! Change the world and your wardrobe in four easy steps:

1. Avoid being a weapon of mass consumption
2. Love the clothes you’re in
3. Shop your wardrobe, and
4. Make do & Mend.

Read what others have to say
I’ve read many books, articles and blog posts on “how to get the perfect wardrobe”, but Peta Stephenson fundamentally understands the psychology (both negative and positive) of a woman’s wardrobe like few others. Her simple take on things allows fashion lovers to maximise the good stuff and do away with the not-so-good stuff when it comes to shopping. Reducing Your Fashion Footprint in Four Easy Steps proves that changing the way you do things comes with many benefits, and that it really isn’t as difficult as it might seem. Peta’s insights and clear steps allow women to develop a healthier relationship with their wardrobe, their bank balance, the environment, and ultimately themselves. Highly recommended reading.
Lara McPherson, Founder – Sustainable Fashion Australia.